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Have you ever misplaced your paycheck? If you had Direct Deposit you would never have to worry about it. You can get direct deposit of your paycheck or any recurring check. If your employer handles direct deposit of paychecks, ask them to sign you up for direct deposit into your credit union share draft/checking account. For those recurring check payments, such as a monthly Treasury check, have this direct deposited to your credit union account.

Remember it's simple, safe and secure with direct deposit. It offers these advantages:

Secure - You don t have to worry about lost or stolen checks
Reliable - You don t have to worry about missing the check in the mail, it's always on time through direct deposit.
Flexible - You can always change financial institutions to continue to have your direct deposit. Just complete certain forms and you can continue to have direct deposit in a new account.
Convenient - No more trips to the credit union to cash your check. If you are on vacation or business out of town, you have the peace of mind knowing it is there.
Just stop in and see one of our member service representatives and we'll get you signed up.