River Town FCU
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Regular Share Account Fees
Excessive Withdrawal Fee
$3.00 per Withdrawal - After five (5) per month
Club Account Excessive Withdrawl (Christmas/Vacation)
$3.00 per Withdrawal - After one (1) per month

Christmas Club II Accounts

Withdrawal Fee
$15.00 per Withdrawal
Share Draft/Checking Account Fees
NSF Check Fee
$20.00 per Item
NSF Fee (check paid - account negative)
$25.00 per Item
IRA Account Fees
Annual Fee
No Charge
Other Service Fees
Wire Transfer Fee (Outgoing)
$15.00 per Transfer
Wire Transfer Fee (Incoming)
$5.00 per Transfer
Wire Transfer Fee (International) $40.00 per Transfer
Deposited Item NSF Check Fee
$20.00 per Item
ACH Return Item Fee
$20.00 per Item
NSF ACH Item (paid - account negative)
$25.00 per item
Stop Payment Fee
$20.00 per Request
Stop Payment Fee - Hit (five (5) consecutive items or more)
$25.00 per Request
Statement Copy Fee
$1.00 per Page
Share Draft/Check Copy
$3.00 per Item
Overdraft from Share to Checking Account
$5.00 per Transfer
Share Draft/Check Printing
Prices may varied depending on style
Temporary Checks
No Charge for first 8 checks annually, then $0.25 each check
Money Order $1.00 each
Cashiers Check $5.00 each
Garnishment or Account Levy
Dormant Account - If over age 18 & no activity for 180 days & less than $25.00 in share account
$10.00 Semiannually
Account Research and Checking Reconcilement
$25.00 per hour - $25.00 Minimum
Deposited Item Sent for Collection
$10.00 per Item
Coin Processing - Must be clean, dry, and rolled
No Charge
Payroll Deduction by ACH or Direct Deposit of Net Pay
No Charge

Fax: Local


$1.00 per page

$3.00 per page

Returned Mail due to bad address $3.00
Loan Fees
Loan Application Fee
Updated Loan Application Fee
Refinance Auto (Auto on CU books)
$50.00 per Item
Regular Loans - Late Fee
$20.00 or 5% of payment, whichever is higher
HELOC Application Fee
HELOC Late Fee
Safe Deposit Box Fees - Annual Rental
3 x 5
3 x 10
5 x 10
7 x 10
10 x 10
Key Deposit
$10.00 per box
VISA Card Fees
VISA Card Late Fee
VISA Card Annual Fee
No Charge
Share Value
Par Value of One Share
This fee schedule is subject to change by the Board of Directors.