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Get the convenience of accessing your credit union share draft/checking accounts when you need to withdraw money, make a purchase, or pay for an item at a point of sale (POS) terminal.

ATM Machines
Look for any CO-OP, PULSE, PLUS or JEANIE logos on the ATM machine. You can also inquire on balance.

VISA Debit/ATM Card
With your River Town Federal Credit Union VISA Debit/ATM Card, you can use it like an ATM card with your PIN, but you can also do other things.

  • Make purchases directly from your checking account. Rather than write a check, use your VISA Check Card. You can use the card to make purchases wherever the VISA logo is accepted.
  • Use it at Point of Sale terminals wherever the VISA logo is accepted.
  • To get an application and see which card you qualify for, see a Member Service Representative at River Town FCU.
Things to remember about our VISA Debit/ATM card:

1. They are not credit cards. All transactions are deducted from your share draft/checking.

2. Each time you make a purchase, use POS terminal, or make a withdrawal from an ATM machine with your VISA Debit/ATM card you should record the transaction immediately in your check register. If you forget, you could cause your checking account to be out-of-balance, resulting in possible fees.

3. Reconcile your monthly statement. Report lost or stolen cards immediately. Refer to your EFT disclosure for more information on reporting lost or stolen cards.

4. You cannot make deposits at bank ATM machines. Since the credit union does not own its own machine, you must make your deposits either in person at the credit union office, through ACH, payroll deduction, or mail.