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Why would you consider becoming a Select Employee Group (SEG)?

River Town Federal Credit Union is a "SEG Chartered" credit union versus a "Community Chartered". This means we cannot accept membership from the public. Our members must be from one of our Select Employee Groups. Adding your business to this list will make yourself, your employees, and their immediately family members automatically eligible for credit union membership. The availability of a local credit union is something many people rank high on their list of desired benefits. Here are a few examples of how your company or organization can benefit through membership at River Town Federal Credit Union.

  • Outstanding NO COST employee benefit.
  • Direct Deposit/Payroll Deduction options.
  • Added value to your benefits package because it can be used regularly.
  • Eligibility open immediately to everyone in your company or organization. Immediate family members are also eligible to join.
  • Help attract and retain hard-working, quality employees.
  • Credit union membership is the third most popular employee benefit after casual days and 401(k).
  • Studies show that when employees feel their company cares about their welfare, absenteeism declines and productivity increases.

The process to become a sponsor group is very simple. Contact Shana Remy, Marketing/Administrative Manager to request an information packet on how to became a SEG and the benefits of offering credit union membership to your employees.

Our Marketing and Business Development department is available to conduct orientations, membership drives, and providing marketing materials that compliment operating hours and workload of your business.